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Your Ultimate Food Guideline is your complete guide to healthy eating and getting the best nutrition. We provide you with delicious, nutrition-packed recipes, information on the Your Ultimate Food Guideline on supermarket shelves, along with expert advice questions on food and health.

All of our information is based on the latest solid, scientific evidence, not fads, and we cite our sources and references so you can be confident in what we say.

All of our recipes are developed in collaboration with qualified nutritionists to ensure they meet the highest nutrition standards. You’ll see the nutrition analysis alongside every recipe.

Any advertising in Your Ultimate Food Guideline is clearly marked, and the line between editorial and advertising is never blurred. Advertisers cannot influence our editorial content.

By subscribing to Your Ultimate Food Guideline you’ll get access to all of our website’s most popular features as well as regular emails packed with news, recipes and healthy eating inspiration.

Note: The information on this site is designed to support, not to replace, the advice from your health professional.

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